Dallas Guitar Show - April 16-18, 2010

Thanks to everyone that stopped by the KNON booth at the Dallas International Guitar Festival.  It is always great to meet KNON listeners.  The volunteer DJ's at KNON play the music they love and it is always fun to meet people who share our taste in music.  And if we're lucky someone at the show that had never heard KNON will become a new listener.

I ran into a lot of long-time musician friends at the show: Texas Slim, Paul Byrd, Pat Boyack, Bugs Henderson, and Zac Harmon (just to drop a few names).  Sonny Boy Mark worked the shift after mine so Texas Blues Radio was well represented on Saturday.  Cowhide Cole was there Saturday afternoon too.  And all around us were thousands of stringed instruments and people who play them.  From my perspective that's a pretty darn good way to spend a Saturday.

If you were at the show I hope you got a chance to stop by.  (We were about halfway down aisle 100 against the wall.)  And I hope you got a great deal on an instrument you have been craving for years.