Marc's Hot Licks

I had a great surprise on the air last night.  My old buddy Marc Tuton was in the area and stopped by to say hello.  Marc is the reason I've had a show on KNON for almost 23 years and it was great to get a chance to catch up.

In 1987 I had been in Texas for four years and missed hearing Blues on the radio.  A friend at work told me that a local station known as KNON (which had been on the air for all of four years) played Blues but he didn't remember when.  At the time KNON's schedule was a crazy quilt of different shows and you couldn't tell the genre without a program.  I tuned in a couple of times and heard all sorts of music but no Blues.

I was about to give up when late one night I decided to try one more time.  By coincidence I tuned into Marc's show.  I heard not only Blues but pre-war Country Blues, one of my favorites.  Yes!!!  I called the station and Marc clued me in on the rest of KNON's Blues programming.  Back then Don O did a show called Best of the Blues on Friday evening and his show and Marc's became "must listen" radio for me.

In June of '87 Marc asked me to play live on his show.  I did a couple of tunes at the old house on San Jacinto and liked everyone I met at KNON.  I helped at pledge drive shortly after, not realizing that would be the first of many.  In July one of the Blues DJ's left and Marc called to ask if I would be interested in doing a show.  I thought about it for a millisecond or so and said, "hell yes!"  I auditioned for the Station Manager (Niteman) and he must of liked what he heard because I've been doing a Monday show on KNON ever since.

Over the years I've met a lot of great people through KNON.  Many of my dearest friends today were volunteers, staff, local musicians, and listeners I encountered at or as a result of KNON.  I will always be grateful for that.

Marc told me that he's working with Don O to do a special edition of his show, Marc's Hot Licks.  I am SO looking forward to that.  Stay tuned to Texas Blues Radio (Mon-Fri 6-8PM) for more information.

Resonatin' Them Blues,



Funny how these things come around?

Great story JMAC.  I'm always fascinated by how little things in life can re-set the entire direction of things...serendipity?Mark

The Butterfly Effect

Serendipity it was, Mark!  If any of a number of details had been different I might not be sneaking up on 23 years at KNON.  If I had tuned in at a different time, if Marc hadn't been a guitar player, if he hadn't invited me to play on his show, if Mr & Mrs Hippy hadn't moved to another town opening a Blues show slot, etc.  I'm not sure how things would have turned out if I hadn't found KNON but I'm grateful for everything all the amazing people connected with KNON bring to my life.

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