Oldies Show to feature "First Rock 'n' Roll Record"

May 19, 2011   The Magic Time Warp Show is planning a new segment in the weeks to come, featuring selections in chronological order, of the First Rock and Roll Record.  According to the book "What Was the First Rock 'n' Roll Record," by Jim Dawson & Steve Propes (c) 1992, there are at least 50 contenders.  Tune in on Saturday morning at 10 AM, Central Daylight Time, and find out more.  We will continue to have the segments you know well:  Songs You Thought Were By Somebody Else (lotta Rolling Stones ripoffs, there), Songs That Made Your Mother Mad, a Gospel song, and the Weekly Comparison of two songs, one of which borrowed liberally from the other.


oldest rnr record

In July 19 36 the Mississippi juke band recorded a self titled 4 song 45 at the train station in Hattiesburg Mississippi featuring blind Roosevelt Graves. The Rolling Stone magazine major claim this is the first instance of a rock and roll recording in the US, saying that it featured fully formed rock and roll guitar riffs and a stomping rock and roll beat. illustrated history of rock and roll, 

The First Rock 'n' Roll Record

  1. Blues, Part 1, by Jazz// at the Philharmonic (We played the cover of this: Chuck Berry's "Rock at the Philharmonic" because no extant version could be found of the original.), 1944
  2. The Honeydripper, by Joe Liggins, 1945 
  3. Be-Baba Leba, by Helen Humes, 1945
  4. House of Blue Lights, by Freddie Slack & Ella Mae Morse, 1946 
  5. That's All Right, by Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup, 1946 
  6. Open the Door, Richard, by Jack McVea, 1946 
  7. Tomorrow Night, by Lonnie Johnson, 1948 
  8. Good Rockin Tonight, by Wynonie Harris, 1948 
  9. We're Gonna Rock, We're Gonna Roll, by Wild Bill Moore, 1948 
  10. It's too Soon to Know, by the Orioles, 1948 
  11. Boogie Chillen, by John Lee Hooker, 1948 
  12. Guitar Boogie, by Arthur Smith & the Cracker Jacks, 1948
  13. Drinkin Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee, by Stick McGhee, 1949 
  14. Rock the Joint, by Jimmy Preston, 1949 
  15. Saturday Night Fish Fry, by Louis Jordan, 1949 
  16. Mardi Gras in New Orleans, by Professor Longhair, 1949 
  17. The Fat Man, by Fats Domino, 1950
  18. Rollin and Tumblin, by Muddy Waters, 1950
  19. Birmingham Bounce, by Hardrock Guuter, 1950
  20. I'm Movin On, by Hank Snow, 1950
  21. Teardrops from My Eyes, by Ruth Brown, 1950
  22. Hot Rod Race, by Arkie Shibley, 1950
  23. How High the Moon, by Les Paul & Mary Ford, 1951

the First

After we hear all of them, can we vote which one we think is most likely the first?

Blues Part 1

That must have been very early Chuck Berry

Blues Part 1

It was 1958, and it's a re-do.  I couldn't find the original online anywhere.  There is another do of it: Jimmy Liggins' "Untitled Instrumental," circa 1947. The main melody sounds a little like "American Patrol" by Glenn Miller.

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