Texas Blues Radio April 1 Living Blues Poll report

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April 1, 2010   LIVING BLUES POLL       
1. Aaron Burton-Recession Blues-self
2. Johnnie Red & the Roosters-Brewing Up a Batch of Blues-self
3. Guitar Shorty-Bare Knuckle-Alligator
4. Shawn Pittman-Undeniable-self
5. Travis Moonchild Haddix-If I'm One, You're One too-Benevolent Blues
6. Bobby Rush-Blind Snake-Deep Rush
7. Little Joe Washington-Texas Fire Line-Dialtone
8. Various-Boogie Woogie Kings-Delmark
9. Jacob and the Jackals-Breaking the Spell-Houserockin
10. Nick Curran-Reform School Girl-Electro Groove
11. Cash Box Kings-I-94 Blues-Blue Bella
12. Mannish Boys-Shake for Me-Delta Groove
13. Nick Moss-Privileged-Blue Bella
14. Johnny Moeller-Bloogaloo-Severn
15. Andrew "Jr. Boy" Jones-Gettin' Real-Electro Fi
16. Billy Ray Charles-Drunk Busted Disgusted-Waldoxy
17. Kirk Fletcher-My Turn-Electro Groove
18. Eric Bibb-Booker's Guitar-Telarc
19. Kilborn Alley Blues band-Better Off Now-Blue Bella
20. Sojurners-The Sojurners-Black hen
21. Jo' Buddy-Everything's Gonna Be Alright-Ram Bam
22. Seasick Steve-Man From Another Time-Atlantic
23. Holmes Brothers-Feed My Soul-Alligator
24. Chainsaw Dupont-The Real Guitar Hero-chicago blues
25. Tail Dragger-Live at Rooster's Lounge-Delmark
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