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Texas Blues Radio Living Blues radio poll report, September 1, 2014

KNON 89.3 FM HD1   55,000 watts FM Stereo       
5353 Maple Ave, Suite 200, Dallas Texas 75235       
September 1, 2014   LIVING BLUES RADIO POLL       
1. Sugar Ray and the Bluetones-Living Tear to Tear-Severn
2. Rod Piazza-Emergency situation-Blind Pig
3. Steve Dawson-Rattlesnake Cage-Black Hen

Knon 89.3, Lambda Weekly 2014.08.31 with Viv Armstrong and Louise Young, activists, Larone, Pattie

To say theses young ladies are activist is an understatement! 

01 Pm Lambda Weekly_2.jpg

Knon 89.3, Lambda Weekly 2014.08.24 with Kay Wilkinson, Larone & David Taffet

Preserving the community’s history one page at a time and you can help!

All FREDDIE KING on Friday, August 29th Texas Blues Radio

My annual FREDDIE KING birthday tribute show will happen this Friday, August 29th between 6 and 8 pm on Texas Blues Radio.  Two hours of nothing but The Texas Cannonball, FREDDIE KING.  As always I will have some rare tracks, some of your favorites, and maybe some special guests. 

Happy 80th birthday to FREDDIE KING on September 3rd!