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Knon 89.3, Lambda Weekly 2014.11.23 with Michael Ralph Sabatino and Robert Lambda Weekly

Lambda Weekly show of 2014.11.23

Your YouTube URL is: The holiday season is taking its toll on with 10,000 minute uploads for an hour video. So finally here is Lambda Weekly, several days late from intended delivery.  Our two guests really know about RED TAPE! Two_hats_publishing@yahoo.com Special Notice:

Texas Blues Radio Living Blues radio poll report, December 1, 2014

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5353 Maple Ave, Suite 200, Dallas Texas 75235   

December 1, 2014   LIVING BLUES RADIO POLL   
1. Aaron Burton-All Night Long-self
2. Jim Liban with Joel Paterson Trio-I Say What I Mean-Ventrella
3. Deak Harp-Clarksdale Breakdown-self
4. Billy Boy Arnold-The Blues Soul of Billy Boy Arnold-Stony Plain
5. J.W. Jones-Belmont Boulevard-Blind Pig
6. Linsey Alexander-Come Back baby-Delmark

Knon 89.3, Lambda Weekly 2014.11.16 with Candy Marcum, Patti, Lerone, Josh

Your YouTube URL is:  Description:David Taffet is under double attack this week!  Not only Candy Marcum, but our board operator (too many names) sister is child therapist. Two_hats_publishing@yahoo.com Special Notice:

Knon 89.3, Lambda Weekly 2014.11.09 with Erin Moore, Patti, Lerone, Josh, and David Taffet Lambda Weekly

Erin Moore is at her best, not letting David squeeze out of anything!  No need for knives, Erin does it with words. It’s Pledge drive, time to make sure that Lambda Weekly stays on the air.  We have a 30 + year record, lets not fumble now! Email: Two_hats_publishing@yahoo.com Please do your part! Special Notice: