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Knon 89.3, Lambda Weekly 2014.11.02 with Joy Santos, Patti, Lerone, Josh, and David Taffet

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Your YouTube URL is: Description:Lambda Weekly is cooking up something, but not what you expect with Chef Joy Santos. Two_hats_publishing@yahoo.comhttps://www.KNON.orgSpecial Notice:Lambda Weekly has moved back to Sundays at 1:00 P.m.  Effective immediately near it old time slot, so you can sleep in late on Sundays, and have brunch with the Lambda Weekly Crew.Pod casts at and

Pledge Drive Thoughts

I'm Kevin Gilhooly (, and I'm the President of the Board of Directors. I wanted to share a couple of quick thoughts about pledge drive, which I know always seems to be in progress or coming up.  At the October Board of Directors meeting, one of the items discussed (as always) was our budget. One number that impressed me (and you will hear this during this pledge drive, I'm sure) that it costs $80.02 per hour to keep KNON on the air. It doesn't matter if it's drive time or the dead of night, our costs are the same. 

Knon 89.3, Lambda Weekly 2014.10.19 with Doris Roberts & Bob Williams, Lerone, Josh, and David Taffet

Lambda Weekly:Ranch-hand Rescue, Will David Taffet be saved?