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Knon 89.3, Lambda Weekly 2014.10.19 with Doris Roberts & Bob Williams, Lerone, Josh, and David Taffet

Lambda Weekly:Ranch-hand Rescue, Will David Taffet be saved?

Pledge helpers needed for Friday Texas Blues Radio, November 7 and 14

Yes, it's that time once again and I need a few pledge drive phone helpers both weeks.  If you can't afford to make a pledge, volunteer some time to help others make their donations.  It's a great way to help your favorite radio station.  It's fun, it's easy, and you'll get to talk to the nicest people in the world, KNON supporters!!  I need 2 phone helpers on Friday, November 7 and 14 between 6 pm and 8 pm at the KNON studios.  If you would like to help out drop me a note at and we'll sign you up!

Knon 89.3, Lambda Weekly 2014.10.19 with Sonia Rutskin, Patti, Lerone, David Taffet Lambda Weekly

Your YouTube URL is: sprinkle her music with gentle social issues, that make your fears disappear. Two_hats_publishing@yahoo.comhttps://www.KNON.orgSpecial Notice:Lambda Weekly has moved back to Sundays at 1:00 P.m.  Effective immediately near it old time slot, so you can sleep in late on Sundays, and have brunch with the Lambda Weekly Crew.Pod casts at and

Knon 89.3, Lambda Weekly 2014.10.12 with Randy Marten, Patti, Lerone, Josh,

Congratulations to our own Josh and Chris Manes who became the #1 selling LGBT poet on Amazon this week. Of course, he has a different personality as a writer. Find him as Christopher Lee on Amazon.The news, ignoring the startup goof turns out to be spectacular day of reporting with our guest’s help. Two_hats_publishing@yahoo.comhttps://www.KNON.orgSpecial Notice: