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Knon 89.3, Lambda Weekly 2014.06.29 with Glen Maxey, Patti Fink, Lerone & David Taffet

Knon 89.3, Lambda Weekly 2014.06.29 with Glen Maxey, Patti Fink, Lerone & David Taffet
Lambda Weekly

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The first openly-LGBTQ state legislator, LGRL's (now Equality Texas) first Exec Dir, and current Texas Democratic Party staffer & DNC member Glen Maxey

Special Notice:
Lambda Weekly has moved back to Sundays at 1:00 P.m. Effective immediately near it old time slot, so you can sleep in late on Sundays, and have brunch with the Lambda Weekly Crew.

Pod casts at lambdaweekly.com and

Lambda Weekly is moving to Super Talk Saturdays Starting Oct. 6, 2012

 Special Note: Lambda Weekly is moving to Super Talk Saturdays on KNON.org starting October 6th, and on the air at 11 am to 12 Noon (Central Time). So Sleep in late, listen to us, then invite us out for lunch, where you get to ask the questions. And along with our expanded Pod-casting, we are working on delayed video streaming, where you can see our guest being interviewed and their reactions. Details are still being worked out. And let us introduce one of our Lambda Weekly show partners in the Community & Radio program. 

Lambda Weekly Show of 06.27.2012, Angela Hunt Dallas Council Member District 14

L.W.  2012.06.27, Angela Hunt.jpg

Tune in this Wednesday 06.27.2012 @ 7 A.m., andLet get political Get all those Nitty, Twitty Question answer, the ones You always wanted to ask.             

Lambda Weekly Show of 06.20.2012 Kirk Myers Executive director of Abounding Prosperity

Tune in this Wednesday 06.20.2012 and get your question on HIV answer. Dallas Voice: Two_Hats_publishing

Lambda Weekly Show, of 05.09.2012, The lovely Erin Moore

2012.02.08 Erin Moore.jpg

Lambda Weekly Show, of 05.09.2012 Don't worry about the knifes or guns, between David and Erin, they can verbally slice and dice and serve it colder than any one else.

LISTEN: SMU School of Education Dean David Chard

Dean David Chard appeared on Lambda Weekly on Wednesday, April 18. Hear a podcast of the show:http://cdn.lambdaweekly.com/04-18-2012.mp3

Lone Star Ride director Jerry Calumn on April 25 'Lambda Weekly'

Jerry Check on his Riders At Station No 2

Jerry Calumn is the executive director of the Lone Star Ride Fighting AIDS. He'll talk about the kick-off party, the new route and answer questions about HIV/AIDS.Any questions for Jerry? Leave them here.