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Knon 89.3, Lambda Weekly 2014.09.14 with Larone, David Taffet



Knon 89.3, Lambda Weekly 2014.09.07 with Blair High & Terry Allen, Larone , Pattie & David Taffet

The best advice on being a trans person, do’s and don’ts.  http://youtu.be/QLuPfiAVDyk

Knon 89.3, Lambda Weekly 2014.08.31 with Viv Armstrong and Louise Young, activists, Larone, Pattie

To say theses young ladies are activist is an understatement!    http://youtu.be/LqszM8D9G7w 

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Knon 89.3, Lambda Weekly 2014.08.24 with Kay Wilkinson, Larone & David Taffet

Preserving the community’s history one page at a time and you can help! http://youtu.be/XbCCVUlYmRc

Knon 89.3, Lambda Weekly 2014.08.10 with Erin Moore, Larone, Rev Patti & David Taffet

Erin Moore has to put David Taffet in his place, at the start of the show. http://youtu.be/9A0FKoPx6Zc

Knon 89.3, Lambda Weekly 2014.08.03 with Candy Marcum, Larone, Rev Patti & David Taffet

The Crew!

 Did Candy Marcum, give David Taffet a passing Grade? http://youtu.be/VNeLYcPpM1s

Knon 89.3, Lambda Weekly 2014.07.13 with Jalenzski S Brown, Lerone & David Taffet

Lambda Weekly:
Get informed and stay informed, HIV is nothing to play with Jalenzski S Brown from United Black Ellument http://youtu.be/TmPhjWwXwfQ

Knon 89.3, Lambda Weekly 2014.07.06 with Dolores DeLuce, Lerone & David Taffet

Her new book is "My Life: A Four Letter Word. http://youtu.be/Qs7yaxYCoj8

When Dolores DeLuce was rejected by her family, she created a new family that included Divine and the Cockettes. Her new book is "My Life: A Four Letter Word." We'll dish with her this week on Lambda Weekly with David Taffet, Lerone Landis and the Late Patti Fink on Sunday at 1 p.m., on 89.3 KNON-fm, streamed live at knon.org and podcast later on http://www.lambdaweekly.com.

Knon 89.3, Lambda Weekly 2014.06.29 with Glen Maxey, Patti Fink, Lerone & David Taffet

Knon 89.3, Lambda Weekly 2014.06.29 with Glen Maxey, Patti Fink, Lerone & David Taffet
Lambda Weekly

Your YouTube URL is: http://youtu.be/XCea3X2RnKs

The first openly-LGBTQ state legislator, LGRL's (now Equality Texas) first Exec Dir, and current Texas Democratic Party staffer & DNC member Glen Maxey

Special Notice:
Lambda Weekly has moved back to Sundays at 1:00 P.m. Effective immediately near it old time slot, so you can sleep in late on Sundays, and have brunch with the Lambda Weekly Crew.

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