Workers Beat

Gene Lantz
on KNON Program Schedule Saturday 9-10am.

Almost everything you see and hear comes from the bosses, or was approved by them. Employees don't control the movies, the book publishers, TV, or the radio stations. Bosses do. The outlook and opinions of the bosses are expressed, everywhere and all the time. The outlook and opinions of workers get almost no expression. KNON "Workers Beat" talk show is an exception. Join us!

Lambda Weekly

David T
on KNON Program Schedule Sunday 1-2pm.

Church Info & Forum

Marion Barnett
on KNON Program Schedule Saturday 7-9am.

Church Information and Open Forum is hosted by Rev. Marion Barnett and airs every Saturday morning from 7-9am.  Rev Barnett discuss politcis, current events, and all the improtant information for your community.  His phone line is always open for your questions and comments, so be sure to give him a call.  Rev Barnett has been hosting his show on KNON for 27 years, and is one of the few places that lets you be on the air.