KNON Blend

The KNON Blend format is a unique blend of music that comes together only on KNON Community Radio. KNON is the only station in Dallas that can say "Don't touch that dial - We'll change the station for you!" and the KNON Blend is where it all flows together. When people are asked "What kind of music do you like?", most respond "A little bit of everything". The KNON Blend is for those people - it's like listening to a week of KNON in only two hours.

The format will include a major sampling of all of the music heard on KNON on any given day. Specializing in Blues, Rock, Country, Cumbia, Gospel, Hip Hop, Reggae, and many others. Going where ever the groove carries the mix to. Audience response will play a big role in defining the format through requests and feedback.

The KNON Blend is also programmed based on KNON's quarterly Pledge Drives. Music that listeners support with their donations will be heard and music that listeners don't support will fade further from the mix. It is programming by you and for you.

KNON is very excited to offer this programming during our Morning Drive Time. Tune it in and start your day with your favorite songs and some that are destined to be your new favorites. Take a smile to work and ride in with the KNON Blend on your radio.

Mondays- KNON Blend Show with Action Anni and Crew, 7-9am every Monday.



Tuesdays- Tuesday Morning Blend w/ Nil 


Wednesdays- KNON Blend Show with Pippin, 7-9am every Wednesday.  Show Email:


Thursdays- KNON Blend Show with Dave Chaos, 7-9am every Thursday. Show Email:


Fridays- KNON Blend show with Christian and Jennifer, 7-9am every Friday. Show Email: