KNON E-mails

KNON is happy to announce our new e-mails.  Every show has a KNON e-mail!  You can also find these emails on each show page on our website.

The live e-mail in the studio is always


Rev Robinson, Breakthrough-
Queen, Hallelujah Praise-
George Masters, Wednesday Morning Gospel-
KD Davis, Just Believe-
Sister Frances, Gospel Dimensions-
Ezra Davis, Songs of Inspiration-
Joyce Tolbert, Early Sunday Gospel-
Andrew Hicks, Sunday Praises-
Rick Leday, Praise with a Purpose-
Ima, One Victory Voice-

Ranger Rita, Magic Time Warp-
Jenni Peal, Everybody's Folk-
Pippin, Wednesday Blend-
Dave Chaos, Thursday Twisted Kicks Blend-
Christian, Friday Blend-

Shortstack, Blue Monday-
Louisiana Red, Down Home Blues-
Mary Ann, Wild Women of Wednesday-
Blue Lisa, Big Texas Blues-
Gregg A Smith, Radio Blues Review-

Latin Energy-
Daniel Boom, Mid Day Mix Up-
Kane, Tuesdays on Kanesblock-
Phaze, Workout Wednesdays-
Devious, Wild Thursdays-
Ms Kue, On Heavy Rotation-
Alex El Nino, Fuego Fridays-
Magic, Super Tejano Saturdays-
Mixmaster J, Freaks of the Weak-
Crazy C, Saturday Night House Party-

Mark Ivey, Texas Renegade Radio Monday-
Obie, Texas Renegade Radio Tuesday-
David Besnon, Texas Renegade Radio Wednesday-
BP, Texas Renegade Radio Thursday-
Mark Mundy, Texas Renegade Radio Friday-
Lefty, From Merdian to Bakersfield-

JMAC, Texas Blues Radio Monday-
Sonny Boy Mark, Texas Blues Radio Tuesday-
Scott, Texas Blues Radio Wednesday-
Big Daddy Hal, Texas Blues Radio Thursday-
Don O, Texas Blues Radio Friday-

JennLeigh, Roulette Radio-
Jimberaux, Cajun Zydeco Music Party-
Cowhide Cole, Rockabilly Revue-
Charlie Don’t Park, Rockabilly Revue-
Woodtronic, Sonic Assembly-
Gene the Scream, Notes from the Underground-
David, Spreading the Jam-
Thrashin Alan, Hard Time Radio-
Eric, Lone Star Dead-
Hieronymous Superfly, Mansion of Madness-
Raven, The Dungeon-
Weird Warren, Sonic Burrito-

Rev Barnett, Church INformation and Open Forum-
Gene Lantz, Workers Beat-
Jim Schutze, Get Off My Lawn-
David Taffet, Lambda Weekly-

Steady Rankin, Reggae Zone-
Everton, Caribbean Show-
Chief Zehaie, International Show-

James Stapelton, Sounds of Jazz-
Ez Eddie D, Knowledge Dropped Lessons Taught Vol 2-
Rabbi Frank, Jewish Music Hour-
Cletic Music Hour-
 Ziggy, Ethiopian Show-
Albert Old Crow, Beyond Bows and Arrows-