$100 Pledge Premium

We currently have some great items for your pledge to community radio of $100!

1. KNON Concert Folding Chair.  Chair is Black with the KNON Voice of the People logo in White and comes with a carrying case.


2. KNON Khaki Dickies Work Shirt. KNON logo on Pocket and Back (Sizes M-3XL)

medium_KhakiDickiesFront.jpg  medium_KhakiDickiesBack.jpg 


3. Gospel Dickies Work Shirt - Gospel Logo on Back, KNON Logo Front Pocket (Sizes M-3XL)

medium_KhakiDickiesFront.jpg  medium_GospelDickiesBack.jpg



4. Latin Energy Dickies Work Shirt - Latin Energy Logo on back, KNON Logo Front Pocket (Sizes M-3XL)

medium_KhakiDickiesFront.jpg  medium_LEDickiesBack.jpg



5. Renegade Radio Dickies Work Shirt - Renegade Logo on back, KNON Logo Front Pocket (Sizes M-3XL) 

medium_KhakiDickiesFront.jpg  medium_RenegadeDickiesBack.jpg