Beyond Bows and Arrows

  • Sunday 6-8pm
Albert Old Crow

Albert Old Crow, John Reynolds,Harold Rogers and Tracy L. Palmer-M.ed

Albert and John are the jokesters of the radio show, never knowing what the other is going to say. What they didn’t know till recently is, it’s really Harold that you need to keep an eye on.

John and Albert keep the laughter flowing continuously, with Harold being the element of surprise from time to time with his witty comments.

Tracy has been a very welcome addition to the program. She brings an energy and spiritual uplifting that helps even out the ups and downs during the show. They all do what they can to bring you a fun-filled, entertaining two hour show



A bit of information on the songs, please!

I really enjoy your show and the music you play! It would be nice to know what the songs are about. Thanks for making my Sunday nights special!

thank you!

My name is Tim Wyrick and I am Northern Cheyenne. I met you all at FCI Fort Worth for a pow-wow there in aug 2011. While surving time at fort worth I would listen to your radio show. I am home now, and I am  starting my life over again. If you could play some cheyenne music for the brothers at FCI Fort Worth for me and tell them it is from cheyenne. Thanks again for having this radio show for the imates that are down there.

robbie robertson fan

halito!!!havent heard the show sure its a treat!!!i am a robbie robertson fan...the first time i heard his album 'music for the native americans' i about fell out...still one of my faves...primeaux and mike 'walk in beauty' is good, and everything carlos santana has ever recorded...will give you a listen when i get a minute

Want to know who did and what is a song I heard was.....

My boyfriend (Abanaki native) and I caught your braodcast last night traveling through your area on our way home. Loved it. Near the end of the shows broadcast, there was a chant to music about how modern society is sick and the natives differ, talked about corporate greed, etc. It was VERY moving and was a great listen. Thank you for you time and know that we will be listening via internet every sunday from here on out.

Help!How do I listen to Show?

I'm Anishinabe with friends in New Mex. I have heard good things about this program but can't figure out how to listen.

this show airs every Sunday

this show airs every Sunday night from 6-8 pm CST, you can listen live in the DFW area on KNON 89.3 FM, or here on our website on the home page over on the right hand side is a listen now button that will stream our broadcast, our you can download our smartphone app that streams the broadcast to your phone.  We legally can not rebroqadcast this or any other music show, so you have to listen live.

Thank you.

I'll try the Listen Now button next Sunday. I live in Nebraska so must catch it on the computer.

Song Request for October 2012

Albert. Good Evening. My name is Wanda, A Lakota from Sicangu Country! Greetings to you and your show.  My only Son Christopher Two Lance is serving time at the FCI in Fort Worth/Forrest Hill Texas. He has a couple of years to go ---but we pray he finds the strength to endure in his daily struggles. I found out about this radio program from him because he listens to you on sundays---it really makes him feel GOOD and the native music is comforting being so far from home. Can you send him words of encouragement and a Lakota song?? Any Earl BullHead or Buddy Red Bow or Jackie Byrd will do. If not substitute what you feel is appropriate. My son is a honorable  US army veteran from the Iraqi war--we are still extremely proud of him for his service to his country!! . Today, he is a prision inmate, he commited crime and now is serving his time. He is a long way from his South Dakota roots!  He is Sicangu and Oglala from St. Francis, South Dakota. We miss him so much! Thank you for all you do to encourage all our inmates in the area. May Tunkasila(Creator) continue to bless your radio staff and your program for reaching out to the one's most in need of  the creators' guidance, understanding and forgiveness. Much respect and love to all;  near and far.
Wanda Brave-McCauley


 please see this video from Henry turner

can you tell me how can i submit a song on this radio?
thank you so much
i wait your answer soon
i hope you will tell me how can i submit this song on yor radio


Song Request

There is an absolutely beautiful Native American song that names the different Indian tribes.  Who is the artist or group that sings this song.  My email address is
Thank you,
Eliora Adirah

Ancestors yet to come

I heard deeply moving song on your show this evening (2/12) and would love to know where to find it again.  It had traditional singing on top of wonderful spoken word, but the only words I can recall are "for the ancestors yet to come."  Please share the artist and album with this new fan. 

my name is shawn jefferson, I

my name is shawn jefferson, I am a Crow Indian from Montana. I was locked up in fci seagoville for a couple years, and it was your program that kept me strong and look'n foward to coming home and enjoying the simple things in life like being with family and friends listening to the crowfair pow wow far into the night, so i just wanted to say THANK YOU "aho". There are two more crows in seagoville Paul Nomee and Franklin Plenty Hoops, i'm sure there thinking of home and i would like to let them know that home is thinking of them and i will make sure crow country is here when they get back. could you please tell them hello from crow country and play a crow hop for them thank you again.                                                SHAWN JEFFERSON

Healing song

Ever since I have relocated here in the DFW area I have been facinated by this radio station.t I have enjoyed listening to this particular time I have found the music to be soothing and healing and very relaxing. I  truely enjoy the healing song, including the one that says I love you I don't know who sings it. I recently returned from New Mexico particularly from Taos area I enjoyed myself there in New Mexico the people there have a very strong spiritual vibes it feels good to be surrounded by the New Mexico People.  


I just registered.  I heard the Native American programming today and really digging it!!  Thank you!

Can you PLEASE play that

Can you PLEASE play that Scooby-Doo song!(:

Georgetown pow wow

Albert,thanks for mcing the southwestern- georgetown pow wow

Request and hello

Hello Albert, and everyone
This Apache misses the metroplex and all friends I had made during my residence there,now reside inEl Paso 5 hrs away from "home" San Carlos Apache Rez. Hope all are well and in good health, would like to say Hello to Velma Bush, and Leeshia(lone daughter out there)miss them both. Requesting an apache song by PineTree Clan,I hope the station continues to broadcast NDN songs and info for the community,that they all come together as a community to help one another they were all family when I lived there when family were 1000 miles away.Prayers go out to all and that young NDNs continue their education and get involved with thier culture. Will be listening online, may U all be Blessed and continue to prosper.
"A'sho'od"(Thank You)
Gerri Nash
and girls

AOC and the Crew!

We wanted to thank-you for keeping the native music alive and on the air! Our prayers are always with all of you.May you always walk in sunshine my brothers and sisters.
                                         Angela and Joe! :)