Blue Monday

  • Monday 9am-12pm
Short Stack
Short Stack - email:
Monday Mornings 9am-12pm

Short Stack lives up to the name. She starts your off your week with her Blue Mondays. She is going to serve you up the best Blues West of the Mississippi.



Rob Hewz Music

Thanks for the LUV Short Stack!!! They know Rob Hewz in the Alabama Mississippi area but we want make it hott here in Dallas!!!
Thanks again
Rob & Joy
Direct Hitt Records

Blue Monday - Great songs today

Thanks for starting the week with great songs - especially the song that had "Say it with your love" - I tried to Google but couldn't find it anywhere - if anyone can tell me who did this great song, I'd appreciate it!


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE announce the name of the artist when you play a song.  I was listening this morning and heard:I found a Picture /Not going to go down trying to bring you up / Don't rolll your eyes at me womanI would love to put them on my Ipod or phone but I can't locate them and have no idea of the artist. Please name the artists.We want to but their music but we don't know who they are!Thank you, 

New CD, Let the blues speak for it self.

It's on the way Short Stack my new CD. how have you been doing i haven't been in contact with you in awhile hope you are good.
Chick Willis

Thanks Short Stack!

I am a bluesman up in Canada and a Dallas musician e-mailed me that you played a few of my songs this week. Well, thank you, merci beaucoup! And if you could tell me which songs you played I would very much appreciate that. I've been a full-time musician for 35 years now and as far as I know this is the first playing I've received in Texas. Maybe 'cause Dirk and the Mavs got so much support from me. Lov'em!!  Jay Sewall, Quebec City, Canada

Monday morning blues

Hello there. Are your playlists posted anywhere? I would love to find out what I was hearing this morning around 9:20. Wonderful guitar work, and I think the lyics inluded a phrase like "I'm such a lonely man".