The Cajun Zydeco Music Party

  • Monday 8-10pm

cajun boyz horns_3.jpgGet your gumbo groove on with Jimbreaux on his show, The Cajun Zydeco Music Party... he is a maniac for sharing his wealth of Cajun and Zydeco music with you!




couldn't get laptop to log on and listen in time going from car radio but tonight's show was just so awesome loved every song however i'd like to find 1 in particular or that certain musician(s).
been so long now not sure if i can remember much about it but was about 9:45 or so sounded almost cowpunk and repeated "if you do not understand" a lot.
wish i had more for you guys to go on but any help is appreciated. if not thanks anyway. nothing on lyrics' websites either.

Cajun~Zydeco Music Party

The Monday night Cajun~Zydeco Music Party begins its 4th year on 3/24/14. Please help us with the playlist for that show by sending us your selections to
Thanks to everyone that has kept us "doin this thang" for four years.
Love ya!