Caribbean Show

  • Friday 10-11:59pm

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Friday Nights 10pm-Midnight

The Caribbean Show with Everton started in 1985 in the old white house and has run for 17 wonderful broadcasting years.  We are the longest running Caribbean show in Dallas or Fort Worth.

Caribbean show gets you ready for the weekend and we hope you continue the mood for the rest of the week.

 We are the only show, where you can get the latest in Reggae, Soca and Calypso music, live every Friday Night.  We welcome New and Old Artist interviews on our show and will playing their music live on the air.

 Give us a call, we got your music just for the asking.  Call us at 972-647-1983 between 10 Pm and 12 Pm and tell us what your soul all ready knows.

  The Caribbean Show is where we get you ready for the weekend.

We play Calypso and Soca, the soul of Calypso, Reggie.



I just pledged! Love your

I just pledged! Love your show, it's always a dance party!Who did you play just before "Good Buddy"?

Carabien Show

I have enjoyed listening to Everton on Friday nights.He makes his time on the show very enjoyable to tune in.

caribbean show changes?

What's up with the Caribbean Show lately? I think I've been listening to the Regis and Kathy Lee show - which I'd never pledge to. In my opinion, ditch the idiot girl sidekick. This show used to be about the music, not some bimbo and her personal life and how hot she thinks she is.