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Church Information and Open Forum is hosted by Rev. Marion Barnett and airs every Saturday morning from 7-9am.  Rev Barnett discusses politics, current events, and all the important information for YOUR community.  His phone line is always open for your questions and comments, so be sure to give him a call.  Rev Barnett has been hosting his show on KNON for 27 years, and is one of the few places that lets you be on the air.


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Tuesday with Dwaine Caraway

Good  morning. I am a long time listener of KNON and enjoy Rev. Barnett's show. I wanted to comment on the program this morning (Jan. 25,2011) with Dwaine Caraway. Mainly I wanted to state that he is honestly a very very rude individual and behaved just as he and John Wiley Price do in the council meetings. Others on the program this morning were so patient when it was Mr. Caraway's turn to speak, but he would NOT allow anyone else to say a word, and not even the host, Pastor Barnett. He ignored Rev. Barnett asking him to allow the others to speak and just talked right over him. And when someone was able to speak, as soon as they got in about 3 words or so, there comes Mr. Caraway jumping all over the top of them again. There is a such thing as courtesy, decency and manners. Even if someone is saying something you don't agree with. That's the purpose of a "Discussion"
Second point, he ignored the point brought up that the City is placing demands on the cab drivers converting the CNG, whereas the City fleet itself hasn't really done much of that.
Third, to just have a somewhat meeting with people just to say you had one is the same as other politicians going for a Photo Op. Looks good but as was questioned, what about the Lack of Results from the meet? He would not answer anything, just fuss about it.
Lastly, being a black man in position he should be better than he is, and to just seemingly succumb to the "good ole boy system" is horrible. WE,   ( blacks) as a people always tend to forget where we come from once we seem to get somewhere in life. Sure you have your fancy clothes, house and maybe some money, but that will all come back on you in time. God always seems to make it right in the end. Rev. Barnett, I love your show and especially when you have mutually respectful guests on your show. You shouldn't have to referree a shouting match for those without manners. Keep up the good work and I may visit your church someday soon to speak with you.
Brother Carl