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Spend your Tuesday mornings from 9am til noon with Louisiana Red (aka Da Gumbo Man aka Da Boss with Da Sauce) playing the best in blues, soul, R&B and zydeco. The show is a mixture of the top national artists and spotlights local talent and new artists. To quote Da Boss himself, "I was born a blues man and a blues man I'll stay." Amen!



Song Title and Artist 10.30.2012

Great show!
Do you have a playlist? What is the title of the song played around nine twenty a.m. today on 10.30.2012- Some of the lyrics had "Down with you because you are down with me"?

Pop/R&B/Recording Artist Rumill

Hello Lousiana Red,David Pippin referred me to you! Please check out Pop/R&B/Singer/Songwriter/Recording artist Rumill! We look forward to hearing from you! Milli, Millhouse Records

need to know who sings a song

whos sings that song a rainbow in my eyes it came on about 1150 am tuesday

A great Blues and R&B site

Keep Blues a live Y'ALL!... West Texas  Blues R&B and old school Funk disc jockey.

Thank you!!!

First time listener, and loving it. thank you

DJ Louisiana Red

This is your homeboy from Farmerville I got you dialed in all the way up here in Fayetteville NC...Good Job!


I ran across your station yesterday and I have enjoyed every minute of ur blues hours. Is there anyway to get the artist in ur playlist, i have heard some jams I have never heard before and would love to purchase them..

list of played songs

Hello, new to your website. Wondering if you post a list of songs played. Sometimes I miss the title/artist of a song and would like to know if there's a way I can I look 'em up later when I get home.Thank You.


I am The King Of The Sniffers!!!

Shout out

Shout out to Carl Marshall I will see you tonight at Emerald City and my favorite Dj in Texas Louisiana Red!

Big thanks

Lousisana Red, I just want to say thank you for coming out and being apart of our Birthday party Saturday, much love from Charlotte and Etoi'.

Lovin the down home blues

Big Charles and Lil Jimmie songs is off the chain!

Lovin your music

Hey Red, listening to you live online here in Tampa Fl. Love the promotional song by Lj Echols. Keep up the good work!
Ms. Toi'

Live From Kansas city

Checkin" You out In kansas City
"Groovy" Grant
Old G"s Hang Out
KKFI-90.1 FM Community Radio
Kansas City Mo.

blues concert

hey red i drove from austin to guys and dolls and man was that a disappointment to say  the least.

New to Dallas

I'm new to Dallas and I love your show.  Keep it flowin.... 

New Artist

How do I send you CDs and info for a Louisian artist wanting his music to be played in the DFW?


Thanks In advanced.

great station!

My brother lives here and listens. I'm visiting from Virginia all week and now listen too! Check out our WRIR sometime. It is similar and I am a big supporter. Thank you for the dedication needed everyday to do this type of thing.