On Heavy Rotation

  • Friday 12-4am
Ms. Kue

We are the show that plays your favorite songs, in many different genres, and keeps you On Heavy Rotation every Thursday Night.

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Jamming in tha OAK CLIFF TEXAS


Ok old school

Could you play the song Iesha ..I think it's from ABC..not sure, it's been a long time..thanks if ya can..

Great job

Thanks for the good music tonight..could you play el coco raido, ? From Ruben vela or des velado from bobby paulido..or both..I always happy to hear you guys every Thursday night..have a great weekend..Derae from fortworth..

Shout Out

At I just send a shout out to Evette and Amanda And Hanna still holding it down. Ya'll be out soon. I also wanna thank y'all for the show it helped keep a little sanity to so many.


not just a golden voice but a pretty and sexy lady too

i guess that the rating of knon station will greatly go up with such a pretty and sexy DJ in the presence of DJ Ms. Kue. with such remarkable talents and wits, definitely it's the station to be reckon with. cheers.

Jammin in Tucson, Az

I wanna send a shout out to the beautiful Ms. Kue and to all my Familia in Big D listening to KNON 89.3 tonight especially to my Crazy Ass Prima Guela in Fort Worth and my lil Cuz Alesia and Tony listing to KNON as we speak. All the shout outs from your primo Cheech here in Tucson, Az listening to KNON on Tune in Radio...

DJ Exo

Can I give a shout out to Dj Exo?! He is so damn fine!!!!

What Up

Hey gurl keep doing what your doing love your show and the knon crew!!!!!!!!!


wuz good yall raza. i hear ya in da mix as I type this.. gettin dis PACHANGA(como dice mi gente) STARTED... JUAN HERNANDEZ IN THIZZ.......     DROPPP IT.... PARA LOS QUE NO ENTIENDE...... TIRALA EN LA MEXcla!!!!


How ya'll doing just started listening form work. up here in McKinney.
There you go Play some Donna Summers, R.I.P