Reggae Zone

  • Wednesday 10-11:59pm
Steady Rankin

Steady Rankin - email:

Wednesday Nights 10pm-Midnight

DJ Steady Rankin and the Reggae Zone crew - Empress Alicia, DJ Dollar Bill and along with "Wha a Gwaan in Jamaica" with Komputer. Our slogan " We are the Solution to your Worldwide reggae needs on a Wednesday night" from 10 pm to 12 midnight CST.  

Steady's undeniable skill in organizing, is apparent in everything that he does. He along with his trusted side kick DJ Dollar Bill keeps the Dance Hall thing locked down. He Mixes and Mingles dancehall, crossing over to the combination style that is popular in the Dance halls today.

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Big Up Long Time Chargie

Big Up Steady And Komputer Long Time Chargie. Big Up Komputer Inna JA...

need reggae 24/7

Tuning in tonight to the show and requesting more show... Two hours isn't enough. I love reggae music and can't get enough. Ill be promoting yalls show to everyone ik. Keep it up dfw needs a reggae station.

a big way KNON decides to

a big way KNON decides to give a show more or less time is by how well they do during pledge drive, so make sure to remember them then, KNON use to have Reggae 5 nights a week but had to drop a lot of it due to lack of pledges.

No Reggae in Dallas

Greetings!!! I'm a new listener to the program, actually I tuned in late and missed the program so I should say I'll be a new listener to your program next week.  I've been looking for a reggae program for the longest and couldn't find one until last week when I stumbled upon this station, so I am eagerly looking forward to next week when I can listen to some reggae. I've been here about two (2) years now so I'm relatively new to the area but long enough to hear of some real reggae shows but sadly enough, I haven't heard of any.  Is Dallas not a reggae place or not alot of caribbean or reggae folks around?  I heard I need to go to Houston to get some reggae, is this true?  
Regards & Respect!