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Monday Mornings 12am-4am

Roulette Radio provides an interactive listening experience by playing what you want to hear, often, within minutes of your request.
JennLeigh does her best to serve you eclectic Rock, Punk, Indie, Garage, Surf, Dub, Reggae, Ska, Rockabilly/Psychobilly, Old School Country, Funk, Soul, Blues, Industrial, Metal, Psychedelic, Classic, Electronic, Singer-songwriter, Jazz, Hip Hop, World, and practically the whole enchilada. This show concentrates on largely forgotten, rare and obscure tracks you won't hear anywhere else. All is represented; Local, Regional, National, International and Intergalactic.


How do I make a request?

Do I post here or send an email?

How to: Request!

Hi there! Best way to make a request is to call in to the station at 972-647-1893. If you can't call in, you might try shooting them a message on the show Facebook site: Thanks for listening, hope this helps!


Thank you!

The profile pic is so

The profile pic is so distracting that a fangirl can't cope. I misdirected my initial post. 


Soooo excited about your theme of long tracks for tonight's show, I've been thinking. . . my most ardent request oh please: Organism (Version 2) by Thinking Plague from their album In This Life. How do you guys find these tracks? I found this one youtube by searching "thinking plague in this life".

Hi Dan!Glad you loved that

Hi Dan!Glad you loved that show theme. We did, too. Sorry we missed your request here. We're finally registered and up and running, so feel free to contact us here anytime. We find the the tracks by searching through years of music collection and then do a search by song length. It's really pretty easy. ;) Thanks for your continued support of the show.All best,JennLeigh



Hi, Lonnie! Thanks for tuning

Hi, Lonnie! Thanks for tuning in with us week after week and for keeping us on the air by pledging. I hope you liked the Kraftwerk double shot from the "Then & Now" themed show.-JennLeigh

Jeet Kune do

It is great to see that there is a Radio talk show for Sijo Bruce lee's Jeet Kune do.

trust me, i'm an expert

best place to find new music that rocks!

Why, thank you,

Why, thank you, randydenman!We try our best to keep it random and interesting.-JennLeigh


Jenn Leigh is the finest fine to grace the waves!!! 

You've got me blushing,

You've got me blushing, frankenhooker. Thanks for the sweet talkin' compliments. -JennLeigh