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Big Daddy Hal

Big Daddy Hal - email: bigdaddyblues@knon.org


Thursday Evenings 6pm-8pm

'For me, Blues is a feeling,' says Big Daddy, 'I never come in with a prepared show.

It could be anything from pre-war to today's more contemoroary styles.

I enjoy sharing the music with others. I like requests too, but keep it blues. Like Mississippi Fred Said, 'I do not play no Rock-n-Roll!'  I play the 'Stark Raving Blues!'



what's that song?

Heard a tune last night about diamond ring, mink coat, and brand new cadillac. Take your umbrella, don't get your raffle ticket wet.Heard a song by Otis Rush about that time.

Thursday night show 4/21

Chicago native caught the end of this show driving from Dallas to College Station on Thursday night.  Fantastic set.  The 2nd or 3rd from last song before the final break was something like "baby's back home"...did not catch the artist.  Would like to locate.  Can anyone help?

He's a Bull Rider

Can you please tell me who does this song, I heard it the other evening and loved it keep up the good work. See you Sunday!

Bull Rider

That is a cut on Larry Garner's latest CD titled Here Today Gone Tomorrow.  It is the first cut on the CD and the title is Bull Rider.  You can order the CD through Amazon.com or through Larry's MySpace page.  If you like Bull Rider you will enjoy everything on the CD.Thanks!JMAC

Searching for a song title with lyrics "must be some southern in

Hi, I'm trying hard to find the song title containing these lyrics "must be some southern on those jeans."  I'd sure appreciate your help finding the song title and artist.I love the blues and purposely wait to leave work a bit before six so I can listen to the blues on my way home.  I love you all - be listening for over 10 years!Thanks a million!Kooky