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Mark Ivey

Mark Ivey - email: markitrr@knon.org

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How 'bout them Hammerknockers!!

Sounding great guys.  Special kudos to Royce from Cap'n Bob, streaming down here at  Canyon Lake in the beautiful Hill Country.  Seeya round the bent note.Cap'n Bob

Friday 2/22 @ 5:35pm

You played a live cut of Joe Ely.  What song and album was it?  

wrong mark, this is the guy

wrong mark, this is the guy on monday's you are looking for mark mundy

country meets jazz

Mark, I was listening to Monday's show on the 31st of December and you played a song which I believe you said was titled "The Stars" or something of that nature, but I was mid converstation with the passenger in my car when you said the artist's name. The song had a really jazz-y feel and a lot of the chord voicings used had jazz written all over them while the back beat was a very steady time keeping country pattern. I loved the song and I have been searching for it with no luck. I was wondering if you could tell me the artist name and perhaps where I could find more of their music? Thanks.

Monday time slot

 Just discovered KNON (Mon 10/29/12) and blown away. Heard a blues jam and story about the artist listening to a song when a Honda Accord pulled along side with mega bass. Ruined artists mood, pulled into gas station to fillup w/diesel and Accord pulled in for gas. Conversation about blues evolved........Would love to have that artist's name song and CD. Don't remember if it was 4-6pm or 6-8pm

A Dead Man

Heard a great song at ~4:30 pm. Chorus included I'm a dead man.... Not six feet under.... Would be appreciated if you can reply with artist name. Listening in Toronto on my way home. That song made me LOL.


Hello sir...could you please give mw the name and artist of the "Meth" song you played at the end of your show today? Love the Renegade show!Thanks, Tom

a song you played

you played a song yesterday it was a duet, a man and a woman, who almost sounded like kelly willis,who was that. it was such a great song, but i do not remeber the chourus so i cant look it up. you played it around 5:15 or so.  any help would be thankful.