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Wednesday Mornings 9am-12pm and Saturdays 10pm-Midnight!

Bonnie and Gilda will certainly get you up and moving with great R&B music and banter!


I always look forward to the

I always look forward to the show on wednesdays and stream it in my office. You're really getting it today. Thanks. MaryEllen Anderson

Todays show

I always look forward to the show on wednesdays and stream it in my office. You're really getting it today. Thanks. MaryEllen Anderson

Love My Wild Women of Wednesday!!!

Just wanted to let y'all know that I am a fairly new listener and I look forward to Wednesdays now because of how much fun yall have and the great music you share with us!!!  Y'all make Wednesdays AWESOME!!!
Sheryl House
Funky Town aka Fort Worth

great R&B music

congratulations to the ladies of knon such as MaryAnn who co-hosted with Cuzzin Linnie as she have taken over the Wednesday morning airwaves. and along with Bonnie and Gilda that comprise the ladies certainly will get you up and moving with great R&B music.

Too funny

Y'all have waaaay to much fun to early in the morning ! Love the show and keep up the good work. My first concert ever a looong time ago was Johnny Winter at the Austin Coliseum . Dallas native Paul Ray ( of the Cobras and KUT.FM in Austin ) helped me discover jazz and blues with his shows on the radio there. Glad to see good radio is alive here as well too Dave

You Rock!

Hey ladies,
I was passing through the area on my way to Louisiana for Thanksgiving the next day when I caught your show.  I absolutely loved it!  My son was with me and normally he doesn't like anything that's not about sex, drugs, or killing so I was eager to have him listen to some better music.  The song you were playing said, "while I was cheating on her, she was cheating on me, worse thing was, she was cheating better than me." He laughed at that, and I absolutely loved it, though I have no idea who was singing.   I just wanted to say keep up the good work, and any song that can reach my college age son, is alright with me.  Also could you let me know who sings it. (:-)
Thanks, blues girl.


hi there ,im tim miller in irving texas ,just wanted yall to no yall are so funny and joking and calling eachother names like she dont drink anymore shit no she guzzels , im a recovering meth addict yall really mean alot to me and i swear i no the white ladie from somewhere ,love yalls music would love to visit  yall

Let the blues speak for itself.

Hey ladie's it's been awhile since i was there hanging out with you i have a new CD that have been sent to your station just keep an eye out for it and see if you can fit it in your schedule.
Thanks loads
Chick Willis

New Markets

Hey, Bonnie & Crew...Just want to let you know that reception is surprisingly clear up here in Buffalo, NY.  I also understand that you have a new listener in Cleveland today, too. Funny how good music travels so well. Keep up the good tunes. Rob from NY

the blues crew

we want to wish everyone a happy wednesday morning....   of course thats the day we are playing music for you, and we hope you like us.

Pictures of the Memorial Event for Cousin Linnie

I am trying to find the pictures of the event and cannot.  Is it psossibel to send me a link so that I can view them?  Thanks
Yours in the blues

Cuzzin' Lenny

I used to listen to Cuzzin Lenny back in the 1960's in the Good Old Days of Rock 'n' Roll Radio on KLIF 1190 AM. May he rest in peace.

How to send a artist info

I have music of a young R&B artist that would like to have his music played in the DFW. Where do I send the information and copies of CD's. Thanks In Advanced.